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Car Relocation Preparations

How many sets of keys do I need to provide the Auto Relocation company?

U.S. Department of Transportation requires that customers should provide one set of keys for the vehicle, including the ignition, trunk, and glove box to the relocation company.

Should I remove my antennas before relocation?

All antennas including temporary ones should all be removed or lowered before Auto Relocation.

Should I wash my car before Auto Relocationation?

We ask that all customers provide a clean vehicle; this allows the carrier of Corporate Auto Relocation Service to do a quick and fair evaluation of the vehicle prior to Transport. Also, it establishes the standard for condition of delivery after Auto Relocation.

What should I do about the alarms on my vehicle?

Be sure to turn off all alarms before Transporter. If the vehicle requires special instructions to start, please inform the Corporate Auto Relocation Service dispatcher. Our company is not responsible for any drained batteries or other mechanical problems resulting if the alarm was not turned off before Auto Relocation.

What should be done with the racks on my vehicle?

All racks that are not permanently attached to the car should be removed before Auto Relocationation.

What about any damage that my vehicle has before relocation?

Corporate Auto Relocation Service will not be responsible for any pre-existing nicks, scratches, chips, cracks, or other imperfections already on the vehicle before Auto Relocation.

How should I prepare my vehicle for the climate?

Customers need to prepare their vehicles for all climates. All fluids must be checked and filled. Any damage caused by Acts of Nature, Corporate Auto Relocation Service is not responsible for.

Can I have a spoiler on my car?

Spoilers, fairing, air dams or other low hanging and loose items should be removed. If not removed, we at Corporate Auto Relocation Service are not responsible for any damaged items.

Can I put personal items in the vehicle?

By law, Auto Relocation's are not permitted to transport personal belongings, as they do not have a household goods transportation license. By violating this law Corporate Auto Relocation Service can be fined up to $10,000 per occurrence. In addition, if you were to place things in the car, they would not be covered by insurance and all the damages made to the items is not the responsible.

Pickup/Delivery Locations

Make sure the locations for pickup and delivery are truck accessible. This way the trucks can easily move around without damaging other cars that are still left on the trailer.

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